Premium Dining Room

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Premium Dining Room offers a luxurious and elegant atmosphere with its furniture designed with elaborate patterned details on a warm walnut floor. This dining room design combines the natural warmth of walnut with detailed patterns, adding a rich aesthetic to your living space. The multifunctional cabinet allows you to store your belongings in an organized way, while the glass shelf on the sides offers the opportunity to display your decorative objects. The mirrored display cabinet not only fulfills your storage needs but also adds depth and luxury to your room. In addition, the extendable table makes it easy to host more guests, while the matching chair and bench in cream tones offer a comfortable dining experience. Premium Dining Room makes your dining area special by combining visually rich details and functionality.

Module Name Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm)
Console 2080 500 730
Console Mirror 550 50 550
Showcase 1000 440 1600
Table 1650 920 770

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