Premium Bedroom

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Premium Bedroom offers a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere with its furniture designed with warm walnut patterns. This bedroom design combines the warm texture of walnut with detailed patterns, adding a rich aesthetic to your living space. The multifunctional cabinet makes it easy to store your belongings in an organized way, while the shelf with mirror doors offers the opportunity to display your decorative objects. The chest of drawers meets your storage needs, while the extendable base makes the bedroom more comfortable to use. The illuminated headboard adds a soft ambiance to your room and creates a relaxing environment. Premium Bedroom combines visually rich details, functionality and illuminated design to make your bedroom special and comfortable.

Module Name Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm)
Cabinet 2600 690 2200
Nightstand 660 470 680
Dresser 1210 440 1790
Bed 1770 2240 1100

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