Pamela Bedroom

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Pamela Bedroom opens the doors of a relaxing atmosphere to your home. This collection, where the white patterned furniture structure is uniquely harmonized with walnut drawer accessories, combines meticulous details and functionality.
The headboard design in the center of the bedroom offers a modern and pleasant experience by combining the freshness of white with the natural warmth of walnut. The elegant pattern and lines of the headboard add sophistication to the bedroom. Walnut-colored drawers meet your storage needs while increasing the aesthetic value of the design.
The mirrored doors of the wardrobe create a sense of both practicality and visual grandeur. The mirrors help to expand the room and create a more spacious atmosphere, while at the same time helping you organize your daily clothing needs.
The elegant design of Pamela Bedroom brings a sophisticated touch to your home with its simple and modern lines, while offering a warm atmosphere with its walnut drawer accessories. With every detail carefully crafted, this collection makes the bedroom not only a sleeping space but also a space of relaxation and style.

Module Name Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm)
Cabinet 2600 620 2180
Nightstand 650 455 480
Dresser 1410 455 845
Dresser Mirror 810 40 960
Bed 2580 2200 1150

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