Linz TV Unit

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Linz TV Unit offers a sophisticated ambiance to your living space with its elegant harmony of white and walnut. This exclusive piece of furniture combines functionality and aesthetics, reflecting a design where both cabinetry and shelves meet in perfect balance.
Linz TV Unit, where the natural beauty of white and walnut meet, adds a nice touch to modern interior design. Offering the freshness of white and the warmth of walnut together, this unit fills your living space in a bright and inviting way, while at the same time carrying the warmth of natural wood texture.
The cabinet section offers the perfect space to meet your hidden storage needs. It is the ideal solution for keeping your electronic devices organized and hiding cables. The shelves provide the perfect platform to display your books, place decorative objects or organize your personal belongings.

Module Name Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm)
Unit 2080 500 1400
Unit Upper Block 1000 440 1600
Unit Shelf 1600 900 770

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