Linz Bedroom

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Linz Bedroom combines comfort and aesthetics with its elegant and warm design. The harmony of white and walnut adds modernity and warmth to this special collection. This design, where pieces such as bed, wardrobe, console and bedside tables meet, transforms your bedroom into an unforgettable living space.
The harmony of white and walnut is the main theme of Linz Bedroom. This beautiful combination fills the atmosphere of your bedroom in a bright and cozy way, while reflecting the warmth of natural wood texture. The elegant design and craftsmanship of the furniture combines aesthetics and quality.
The wardrobe offers ample storage space to meet your bedroom needs. With both modern lines and practical interior arrangements, it provides an ideal space to store everything from clothes to accessories in an organized manner.
The bed stands out in terms of both comfort and design. The harmony of white and walnut fills your bedroom with a warm and inviting atmosphere while creating a restful sleeping space. With its comfortable and durable structure, it allows you to live your beautiful dreams in the best way.
The console and bedside table complement your room with both aesthetic and functional features. The console offers the perfect surface for displaying decorative objects and storing your personal belongings, while the bedside table provides additional storage space.

Module Name Width (cm) Depth (cm) Height (cm)
Cabinet 2080 500 1400
Nightstand 1000 440 1600
Dresser 1600 900 770
Bed 1600 900 770

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